HTC-8125 – най – накрая :)

Устройството дойде. Разкодирах го и в момента чакам да се зареди за да го “изора” след това . Wish me luck :)

Hong Kong Fiber Optic Rates Prove Verizon’s FiOS is a Rip-Off

While Verizon is out aggressively trying to sell the country on their FiOS fiber optic web connection packages, which range from $40 per month for 5Mbps to 30Mbps for $180 (extra for TV and phone service!), Hong Kong residents can now enjoy their own fiber optic connections from Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited… which happen to be a fraction of the price and many times faster than what we can get here. Yes, HK residents can now get a whopping 100Mbps fiber optic connection for a mere $48.50 a month. And that’s the entry-level package.

How about 200Mbps for $88.20? Yeah, not quite enough, I agree. You might as well jump up to 1Gbps for $215.40 a month. But hey, you don’t really need that, do you? You should be thanking Verizon for the opportunity to pay them for a pathetic 5Mbps connection. I mean, the US is so far down on the per-country broadband speed chart (the Japanese are enjoying 60Mbps average) that we should just be loving any crumbs the telecoms are willing to toss our way, right? Thanks again, Verizon!

Малко копирах новината, но въпросът е друг. Вижте хората какви проблеми си имат. :)

HTC-8125 a.k.a. Wizard

Снощи ми съобщиха добрата новина че HTC-то ми е пристигнало и след 2 седмици ще бъде в Свищов. Надявам се да е яко. Намерил съм едни модове за iPhone, но ще видим как точно ще стане всичко.
За тези които се интересуват ето и малко спецификация:

HTC 8125

* Weight: 5.3 ounces
* Dimensions: 4.25x 2.83 x 0.93 inches
* Talk Time: Up to 5 hours
* Standby Time: Up to 7 days
* Large 2.8 ” QVGA TFT LCD screen
* 1250 mAH Li-ion battery
* TI OMAP 850 200 MHz processor
* GSM/ GPRS/EDGE Class 10
* Quad-Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
* 128 MB SDRAM / 64 MB Flash ROM
* Internal antenna with external connector
Тук ще си позволя да добавя вграденото WI-FI b/g.

Накрая и най – важното, независим тест:


* WM5
* EDGE Support
* Quad Band 850/900/1800/1900mhz GSM
* Small Size
* Vibrant Screen
* Superb Battery Life
* Great Keyboard


* Slower Processor
* Camera
* No Cradle

Вижте какво е писал този който е правил тест на устройството:
“If you have ever seen the I-mate Kjam, you will notice that this keyboard has square keys and the Kjam has round buttons. These keys are much better for a fat fingered geek like myself. Take a look at the two rectangular buttons above the QWERTY keys, these two buttons mirror the operation of the soft keys that also appear lined up with the options they control on the front.”

Или с прости думи – “Клавиатурата е направена за дебели пръстчета като моите.” точка.

Hello world

Hello world от мен и новият ми блог. Имаше леки проблеми със стария блог и по специално части от енкодинга, но както виждате вече те са решени генерално.